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It is Christy's intention to offer the practice of yoga through the lens of playful presence, Lila ("lee-lah", divine play). In our daily life, Lila is doing something for its own sake and for the feeling of joy we derive from those experiences. Our yoga practice provides an opportunity for us to connect to this inner joy and freedom through playful inquiry and self-discovery. Play is its own reward and is available in every moment, on and off of our yoga mats. When we find the play in any given situation, we allow life in, we are available to the present moment, we trust our internal experience, we feel our emotions, we come alive to what is, and we say yes to life!

Upcoming Events:

Warrior 3 - Teacher Training Photo

Mukti Yoga School Teacher Training (200 hour)
March 5 - Nov 6, 2016.

This Mukti Yoga teacher training is a comprehensive course that unifies the Foundation module and Advanced Asana module to prepare the trainee to start teaching all levels classes from the moment the training is complete. Mukti Yoga is a heartfelt training program, guiding teachers to lead with intuition and care. Teachers learn to tune into what students truly need, and as a result no two Mukti Yoga classes are ever the same. All teachers start with the 200 hour teacher training. You do not have to be a teacher to take this training. Many people take this training to deepen their own practice. Upon completion of the course, trainees are fully prepared to teach classes and to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level.

Join Christy Evans, founder of Live.Love.Lila., for this great training! It's happening at The Green Yogi North Berkeley on weekends.

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This resource was designed with the new teacher in mind, the teacher who is looking for sequencing ideas and inspirations or even just a little support on how to design a class in a safe and intelligent way, while often working toward a peak pose. Each class is organized in a way that supports the structural integrity of the body while working within a balanced flow to support the yoga (union) of our masculine and feminine energies within. You are invited to incorporate your own themes inspired by the practices and to create a music playlists that matches the energy of each practice.

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Practice Online with Christy:

Grokker Online Videos Earth Element

Grokker Online Classes:
Earth Element- Vinyasa Energy Flow

Strong and steady full circle practice. This Earth based flow practice, part 1 in a 6-part series, connects you to your steady red root energy. Leg strength and alignment are emphasized through sustaining postures while linking abdominal breathing to this Earth based flow. Follow Vinyasa Expert Christy Evans to establish alignment and settle into a powerful structure with a variety of standing postures in this Grokker Premium video. This integrating and grounding practice brings us back to our roots and our connection to Earth.


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Grokker Online Videos Harmony Element

Grokker Online Classes:
Harmony Element- Vinyasa Energy Flow

Move in harmony! This 6th part in the 6 part series will incorporate all of the previous elements to align and harmonize our physical and energetic body. Emphasize the harmony within through breath, meditation, and movements that support balance to our Solar/masculine and Lunar/feminine aspects with our Grokker Yoga Expert, Christy Evans. This Grokker Premium Video will inspire, uplift, and expand from a grounded, connected, and centered sense of Self. All Levels

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